Solutions for Geopathic Stress

Geopathology.Com was founded to raise awareness of the dangers of Geopathic Stress and provide practical solutions for health challenges caused by these noxious underground earth energies as well as electromagnetic pollution from power lines, microwaves, cell phones or 5G wireless towers.

This site provides health practitioners, medical professionals, educators or concerned individuals with foundational information about the causes of energetic disturbances and their interference with the healthy functioning of cell metabolism in the human body.

Whether your well-being is challenged by a draining energy grid, an underground water course or a constant exposure to high levels of EMFs, our professional products offer reliable protection for you and your loved ones in every situation.

Health is an Energetic Bank Account

Key Take-Away Points

- From a holistic perspective, good health can be seen as the positive balance of an energetic bank account.
- Chi, life force energy, is the currency used for our overall well-being.
- Overdrawing the account causes physical symptoms, chronic illness and cancer.


As long as there is enough Chi (life force energy) in the account, one is healthy. Once the available net amount gets low, aches and pains appear. Taking medications against high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. is like borrowing additional energy/money. It allows one to keep going without changing anything substantive in our life style. Finally, there will come a time when the bank will not lend us anymore. We have reached the end of the row, bankruptcy is inevitable. In health terms this means our entire physical system is crucially weakened. We may get a diagnosis of cancer or be struck with a terminal illness.

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