Electro-Magnetic Fields

The study of Geopathology also includes man-made electro-magnetic pollution. Because of the extent of the use of wireless technology, in particular, we believe that Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) will be one of the greatest environmental health challenges for the coming generations.

Until the twentieth century, the greatest emitter of electro-magnetic radiation was the sun. Today, overlapping fields of radiation permeate throughout our modern world. As a result of present technology, including cell phones, computers, wireless devices, we spend our daily lives in a multitude of fields of low and high frequency electro-magnetic radiation. 
Some of the worst culprits are kitchen and personal care products such as hairdryers and blenders – yes, blenders! Few people are aware that their healthy smoothy carries an overdose of EMFs (produced by the powerful electro motor), ruining the benefits of having fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every object that generates an electrical charge creates EMFs, some much more than others. The table below shows the “safe” range and the frequencies generated by common electronic appliances.

Amounts of EMFs from various electrical devices and appliances


What is the Danger to us?

EMF pollution happens in all frequency ranges. In the low freqency range (60 Hz of power lines) reflections on the wire cause high signal spikes and request surge filters to protect electronic equipment such as computers (please see our article “Dirty Electricity”). The same distortion, however, runs on the power line in the wall behind a bed or under the desk of the workplace. Few realize that our body is at least as sensitive to these distortions as the electronic components of a computer, only that a biologic body feels permanently under stress and pressure. After Dr. Robert Young (“Sick and Tired”) stress is THE single cause for all disease, environmental stress being the most underestimated version of it.

The question of the effects of extremely low frequency electro-magnetic radiation was finally addressed in 2001, when the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, made the decision to classify extremely low frequency EMFs as a “Group 2B agent”, a possible human carcinogen.

What should I know about my Phone?

Cellphones and microwave ovens operate in the very same frequency range around 2 GHz (1 Giga Herz = 1 000 000 000 cycles per second), latest cordless phones for home and office use DECT technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) up to 6 GHz, and because of the ability to pulse signals emit significantly higher radiation than cellphones. Few people are aware of that.

Scientific studies around the world clearly show that cellphone radiation disrupts fundamental physiologic and generic functions in brain and blood tissue which may lead to problems, ranging from stress, fatique, anxiety, attention deficit and learning disorders to brain and eye cancer.

Children and teenagers are at the highest risk because the radiation from the cellphone penetrates deep into the developing brain.

Radiation penetration of cell phone

Most official studies on the effects of cellphones over the past 10 years are officially “inconclusive”, although ministries in countries such as France, Finland, Canada, and Russia have urged restrictions on cellphone use by children. In Austria, where decades of research into the harmful effects of EMFs is more widely acknowledged, cellphones are banned from all primary schools.

Ultra high frequency electro-magnetic radiation from nuclear power plants, X-rays and tanning beds are powerful enough to break chemical bonds within human tissues, creating highly unstable ions. This is called “ionizing radiation” and harms the nucleus within cells of living tissue, damaging DNA and increasing directly the risk of cancer.

The damaging effects of high frequency electro-magnetic radiation is no longer disputed. The public, for the most part, remains entirely unaware.

Avoiding Electro-smog: so what can we do?

This brings us to the question of what we can do to protect ourselves and our families from the effects of EMFs. 

We recommend to take a practical approach: we always begin with the practical approach: sit back from the TV, don’t use a microwave oven, try to keep cell phone towers and power lines from your neighborhood and minimize cell phone and computer use. Even if we agree this is good advice, we all know that realistically this is too often not possible.

For the situations where avoidance is not an adequate option, or for those of us who would like as much protection as possible, there are a number of EMF protecting and shielding products on the market. 

Most devices one can purchase for EMF protection do not turn off the electro-magnetic fields, because then the cell phone or computer would not work, but protect the body’s own biofieldthrough advanced technology.

To test the benefits of using specific types of protection, health practitioners can conduct something called energetic testing, using various techniques of Applied Kinesiology. One relatively easy-to-learn self-administered technique is called Body Dowsing.

We recommend to make yourself familiar with some of these energy testing methods to determine for yourself what’s beneficial. Not everything works the same for everybody.

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