Sick and tired

Stress in general makes the body acidic. In German, when someone is angry or grumpy, we say he is “sauer” (sour). Geopathic Stress is a specific form of stress caused by the environment, however it has the same effect on a cellular level.

Robert O. Young, PhD, a microbiologist, describes is his books (“”Sick and Tired”, “The pH Miracle”), that over-acidification is the cause behind every disease. If the millieu of the cell fluid turns acidic, bacteria and yeast will multiply unchecked, the initial mechanism and basis for all diseases.

We experienced similar results with our own Live-Blood Microscopy tests. The blood of people exposed to Geopathic Stress always looks sticky, irregular and often shows inactive white bloodcells. As soon as the environment is changed the white bloodcells become active again and clean up the plasma. In most cases, a fast recovery requires a change in lifestyle and diet, as well. A Quantum Biofeedback analysis is also an excellent modality to specifically identify areas that are causing stress in the body, as well as factors that would be supportive to the body.

Irregular blood as with GS exposure
Ideal blood with single, round, strong cells

Of course, this does not mean energetic imbalances are the only cause for illness. However, it seems that especially with chronic challenges, often a strong degenerative energetic component is contributing to them. If not addressed on all involved levels, physical AND energetic, recovery seems to take much longer and can turn into an uphill battle.

Every time a patient lies down at night on a geopathicaly stressed area, possible improvements from treatments during the day are counteracted again, or at least diminished. 

Have you ever wondered, why you feel so good after a chiropractic treatment, but how quickly you need another one? A single call from your cellphone or one cup of coffee with artificial sweetener puts your back out of balance again. (We are demonstrating this effect in our seminars and workshops.) Only if this vicious cycle is interupted (by protecting your personal biofield) the benefits from the chiropractic treatments will hold.

The awareness of detrimental environmental energies is, next to nutrition and exercise, a major player in preventative health and could contribute significantly to lower health care costs.

The energetic mechanism behind getting sick

I assume we agree on the fact, that all matter is energy and finally just plain vibration. Particles in an atom move in cycles and therefore radiate frequency information.

I hope we also agree, that next to a physical body we have subtle layers and fields around us, energetic layers (our etheric body), but also emotional layers (our moods) and thought fields (ideas). Ancient Asian knowledge has described those energetic structures for thousands of years. Modern science has given them names such as biofields, auras, morphogenetic fields and so on.

Most lay people today are still not aware of those subtle components and traditional western science still struggles to accept anything beyond the physical realm. 

However, when we suffer from a physical health problem, our subtle layers are out of sync, too. Fixing the physical body alone ignores the fact that there are additional aspects to be addressed in order to permanently improve and recover. A typical example would be a cancer patient who had surgery to remove a tumor, but does not look into the environmental situation at home or their diet or lifesytle factors. Unfortunately the chances that the tumor will be growing back, are pretty high, because important contributing factors have been ignored, the overall energetic situation possibly causing his illness, is still the same.

Our goal is two-fold: first, to protect the body’s bio-energetic field from drain and exhaustion caused by environmental causes, such as Geopathic Stress and EMFs, and second, to bring it back into resonance with the cellular blueprint, the original matrix from which it grew, as fast as possible.

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Please note: This is NOT to imply in any way to not seek medical assistance! We would like to see that this knowledge is used IN ADDITION TO and IN SUPPORT OF any treatment, be it conventional or alternative, in order to maximize positive results.