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BioResonance PRO Pendant

The BioResonance PRO Pendant in Sterling Silver is the preferred choice for individuals looking for comprehensive protection against all types of environmental stress including EMF related challenges. Typical concerns include geopathic stress above underground waterveins, earth fault lines and natural grid systems such as the Benker grid, Hartmann grid, Curry grid, but also larger grids such as the 250 Meter, the 400 Meter grid system and even Moon Stripes. It also shields the body against the chaos created by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless routers, smart meters, phones, computers and other electronics. 

The PRO pendant carries frequencies to strengthen a person’s own biofield against draining energies from other people, often experienced at the workplace, especially with nurses, doctors, teachers, who care all day about others and feel exhausted when they finally get home. It reinforces a person’s boundaries and helps them holding their space.

The BioResonance PRO pendant carries informational frequencies specifically designed to supportathletes and top performers with physical balance and endurance, coordination and focus. 

Stress, exhaustion and trauma are reasons why subtle energy bodies lose their alignment with our physical body. The sterling silver PRO Pendant increases the energetic alignment of the physical body and its etheric layer which also contributes to the increase in physical strength and balance. (Watch demonstration and the immediate response in video on website.)

The symbol of the pendant is derived from ancient biogeometry and helps to anchor a detailed informational program in the device.

The pendant is made of sterling silver. Size is about 25mm diameter (about 1 inch). It can be worn as a necklace or just carried within an inch close to the body.

The pendant comes with a black rubber cord with adjustable length. It is recommended one finds a chain or cord material and length of their choice for long term use. Please keep silver shiny with the small jewelry cleansing cloth. Tarnished surface reduces its protective capacity.

Testimonials BioResonance PRO Pendant

Thank you so much, Werner!  The pendants are exceptionally beautiful and of course I love wearing mine.  It gave me an immediate boost in energy when I first put it on.  Juliet S., NY  I can’t believe it, but the pendent really works!! I had ordered gold and rose gold PRO Pendants for my kids for graduation. Before I gave my daughter her rose gold I wore it for a couple of days. Forgot that I had it on and kept wondering why I felt so centered, focused and happy… Then realized I was still wearing it…  Boys say the same. Told the kids they are getting me one for my BD. Thanks so much!!! 

Heidi D., NJ 

“I am a clairvoyant channel and seer of timelines. When I first held the silver PRO Pendant it allowed me to accelerate my visions and amplify my gifts to make me much more aware of the energies around me and the electromagnetic fields in specific. The gold PRO pendant is different. It feels soft and gentle and more in resonance with my own vibration.  When the Collective brought up the rose gold idea I was thrilled. I knew this pendant would be even better suited for extra sensitive, emphatic humans like myself. 

When I wear the rose gold pendant I can’t help but feel loved. This pendant connects with the heart center and amplifies it. I wear my pendant around my neck or I keep it close to my heart. I also keep it on my night stand at night. Recently the Collective showed me that I can wear the pendant “backwards” at night.

When worn backwards, the pendant projects the energy from the pendant towards my body and heart center. This helps with clearing old dense energy from my subtle fields.   When it comes to any of the pendants, the more you wear them the more they connect with your own vibration and help to raise your own vibration.

Anyaa Lightheart, channel and founder of DNA-Crystallization, MI – 

Recently: “…. Just received and put on the new Rose Gold PRO Pendant. It is so powerful! I can feel the energy very strongly. It warms my heart. And then read afterwards how it works with the heart chakra…  I feel it very dramatically shifting my energy in a positive direction…”

Earlier:  “…. I have been wearing the Gold PRO Pendant for a solid week. I feel more clarity and can be more present. I worry less. I am more balanced. I notice that I am flowing through my day easier. I am not getting stuck or feeling foggy. I am very productive, yet balancing time for rest. Things feel easier in my life. I am focused.”

“I am seeing more spirit very vividly at night too. I didn’t make the connection at first regarding the gold pendant, but now I often wear it to sleep. The detailed faces of my Guides have been coming straight into my awareness all night long.”

Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel, Detroit, MI  –

… As for the BioResonance Gold PRO Pendant – I noticed a better endurance at the gym, more force in the muscles when I do my walking, no more  headaches and eyes pain after 8 hours in front of the computer at work, less tired in the afternoons; I am more calm and less stressed in  general; I still have very vivid and strong dreams – even after 2 weeks ( I am not wearing the pendant during my sleep).

Anne-Marie P., Quebec, Canada

“I have been using the silver BioResonance PRO Pendant for almost a year now. When I first received it,  I noticed an immediate improvement in my cycling and running times! I also noticed I was able to remain more focused and productive doing computer work and not tired and drained as I did prior to wearing the pendant. I usually remove the pendant over night. When I forget to wear it the next morning, my days are definitely more challenging!

I have been a long time wearer of the Q-link and various scalar pendant’s, but after wearing them for some time they blocked my energy and had the opposite effect. I am extremely happy to say that theBioResonance PRO is as good after one year as when I first purchased it. Well worth the investment for your protection and health. Thank you again for everything and best wishes,”

Martin Mueller, San Jose, CA

The Silver PRO Pendant helped me SO MUCH! For the longest time I could not go into any larger department store without getting a big headache. Since I wear the pendant this discomfort is completely gone. It made a HUGE difference. Thank you so much,”

Sofia P., Wilmington, NC

First of all, the Gold PRO Pendant itself is beautiful.  I subsequently experienced a sense of greater well-being and a brighter outlook for myself. Up until that point, I was angry and upset about the election, and I very much feared what might happen under the leadership of the current president. After a number of days, I asked my husband if he had noticed any difference in me since I’d been wearing the pendant.

Without hesitation Dave answered that I seemed to be happier. This is a very successful outcome for me!  Thank you so much for continuing to pursue techniques and creating products to assist those of us in need of extra support during this incredible transition that we will be continuing to go through.  You are doing a great service for the Universe…     

Valerie B., Galway, NY

Disclaimer: Our products are energetic tools to support body and mind. They are not intended to be a substitute
for medical attention in any way. If you have a medical condition or question please contact your health care provider promptly.