BioResonance Laser PRO-III

The BioResonance PRO-III Laser (Mark-III) is our latest laser model for the professional user. It energizes water and boosts the energy of beverages and food. The BioResonance PRO-III Laser helps to boost the body’s own self healing mechanism, reduces stress on all levels (physical, etheric and emotional) and assists the practitioner in their field of expertise. It carries more than 5500 informational subtle frequencies.

The BioResonance PRO-Mark-III Laser may*:

  • restructure and energize drinking water
  • erase the vibrational memory of Geopathic Stress and EMFs in water
  • neutralize electro-magnetic charges in food, especially also with blenders, juicers and water ionizers
  • counteract the destructive effects of microwave ovens
  • boost nutritional frequencies in food
  • maximize the benefits of supplements
  • help to counteract toxic side effects of food additives and artificial sweeteners
  • help neutralize the energetic damage of sodas, coffee and energy drinks
  • help neutralize the energetic damage of junk food or unhealthy food choices
  • reduce the body’s response to food allergens
  • change the taste of cigarettes and the desire for smoking
  • diminish the body’s response to toxins in alcohol
  • support the body in his effort to detox from Geopathic Stress and EMF charges
  • reactivate blueprint information in cells throughout the body for an increase in vitality
  • improve physical balance, endurance and strength of athletes
  • increase relaxation of stressed muscles and imbalanced hips
  • allow easy stimulation of acupuncture and acupressure points to balance meridiens
  • contain subtle frequencies easing pain, enhanced when applied to acupuncture points
  • assist the body with accelerated self healing of cuts, bruises, skin irritations, etc.
  • assist with accelerated healing after dental surgery
  • assist with calming irritated nerves (esp. teeth)
  • contribute advanced frequencies to increase focus and concentration
  • contain frequencies to enhance emotional and spiritual balance
  • provide higher dimensional harmonics of the 528 Heart Frequency
  • support clearing and balancing of chakras
  • be beneficial for pets when used on their water and food
  • beneficial for plants, as well

All above benefits have been reported repeatedly and confirmed through energetic testing. However, science is still struggling even acknowledging many of these arguments as problems (such as biological damage caused by microwaves, toxicity of artificial sweeteners or the existence of subtle earth energies affecting our health.

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Testimonials BioResonance Laser

“…I’ve only had my BioResonance Laser for one week but the difference in my hips is unreal! I’m just back from a late lunch and the difference in my walking is so incredible, I still can’t believe it…”

Diane J., Canada

About 2 weeks ago I received a testimonial from someone who one morning found one of her beloved goldfish floating belly up in the fish tank. Panicking and unsure what to do, she remembered owning a BioResonance Laser which she used to energize and restructure her water and food. She quickly lasered the little fish and after a minute he started to show some response. In fact she was able to revive him to a point that he began paddling again. Over the following hours and days she used the laser not only on the fish, but on the fish food and the water in the tank, again and again. When she called me 5 days later, the fish was doing pretty well. I recommended to also tape a Water & Food Harmonizeronto the glass of the aquarium for a more constant frequency exposure on the water. She told me later she found her little fish the following morning cuddling at a spot inside the tank close to the Harmonizer card. Two weeks later now the fish seems fully recovered. He shows no more signs of weakness compared to the other fish in the tank. P.S.: Update 3 months later: The fish is perfectly well.P.P.S.: Update a year later: The fish still does great!! 


Please note: For legal reasons we have decided to describe the features of our products as possible outcomes in the form “they may”. We want you to be aware that we work within subtle energetic realms which are differently experienced from person to person. All of the listed benefits have been reported multiple times with use of our lasers, but individual responses can be different.

Please note: For legal reasons we only can promote the BioResonance laser to energize water and food, but NOT for use on the body. Applying the laser on the body by some users is done under their own responsibility or their own professional qualification.

Disclaimer: Our products have not been approved by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, cure or be a substitute for medical attention in any way. They are energetic tools and support body and mind in addition to regular medical care. If you have a medical condition or question, please contact your health care provider promptly.