3 Steps to Solve Geopathic Stress

Identifying and researching the effects of Geopathic Stress and assisting thousands of clients for nearly 2 decades convinced us that the protection from detrimental environmental energies is a significant factor in maintaining good overall health.

European research over the last 90 years shows that serious and long term health challenges, from chronic diseases, allergies, asthma, arthritis, even cancer, to emotional imbalances, such as depression can be significantly improved by addressing the environmental situation in connection with the proper treatment. In order to achieve enduring results it is crucial to change sleeping locations and conditions at workplaces to make sure a possible energetic cause is eliminated, the body’s biofield is protected and strengthened, so the illness cannot reoccur.

Here are 3 steps we recommend:

  1. EDUCATION to rise awareness!

    In order to achieve real change it is crucial to rise understanding and awareness first.

    Learn, how to identify Geopathic zones, how to read signs in nature, interpret sleeping patterns, watch the habits of your pets.

    Practice methods like BodyDowsing and Applied Kinesiology, and if not satisfied with your own results find a knowledgeable dowser to help you analyze your space.

    Learn about typical findings and the symptoms they cause in our Blog section and listen to our Audios/Videos

  2. ACTION – Use common sense!

    Geopathic Stress affects and drains a person’s biofield. However, it takes a while until the body’s ability to heal itself is depleted. Don’t wait until the charges have built up and the immune system is about to collapse.

    Move your bed or work desk to a Geopathic Stress free zone. Reduce your time on cellphones and cordless phones. Keep electronics out of your bedrooms, NEVER use a microwave. 

    Use protective tools to further shield your home and minimize possible damage. If changes are limited, for example if your teenagers’ study environment at college is out of your influence apply proven protective tools to keep their room clear from Geopathic Stress and reduce possible EMF pollution.

Our Recommendation for Additional Protection

Our calling to this topic 25 years ago was focused on finding practical simple solutions for every situation and person.

Our Institute has developed highly effective devices to neutralize Geopathic Stress of an entire building, to diminish EMF related stress, and to activate blueprint frequency technology in water and food for optimal results to name just a few of our tools. Thousands of satisfied customers over the years have given us very positive feedback and the confidence to know that our products are working great!

Find more information and products at www.Geopathic-Stress-Solutions.com