About Geopathology.Com

Geopathology.Com has evolved over 20 years into a platform for bridging Eastern philosophies and Western sciences. Our purpose is raising awareness for subtle energies and making knowledge accessible to everyone regardless of their spiritual or educational background. The Institute’s agenda encompasses a wide range of energy research in the following fields:

  • Understanding higher principles of nature
  • Chronic health challenges due to energy blockages or the exposure to chaotic frequency patterns
  • Methods to clear and harmonize our personal space
  • Higher forms of information frequencies as effective tools for wellness
  • Autism and ways to assist the existing community
  • Water purification and vibrational programming
  • Development of tools and products to bridge the gap between physical and non physical realms
  • Assessment and application of energy flow patterns in personal consultations
  • Experiments and Research

Werner Brandmaier, Dipl.Ing., has personally helped thousands of clients find solutions to improve the energetic situation at home or at work places with sometimes dramatic improvements. A dowser since childhood, Werner comes to the tradition of earth energy investigation naturally. His European background has provided access to the vast body of research now available on this important subject.

Trusted educational resource since 1999

Werner Brandmaier is a researcher of subtle earth energy fields and a gifted diviner from a family of herbalists and dowsers. Born in Austria, Werner moved to the U.S. in 1999 and founded The Institute of Feng Shui & Geopathology. After decades of applying European knowledge of geopathic stress for his clients, he realized that draining energy fields not only affect people’s health, it also affects their spiritual potential.

He developed a line of energetic tools to ‘protect personal energy fields’, ‘harmonize homes and businesses’ and ‘accelerate the ability to connect to our light body’. Werner holds an engineering degree and worked in the high tech medical field. He offers personal consultations and teaches workshops in Europe and the United States.