Feng Shui and Geopathology

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is a 5000 year old chinese art and philosophy describing the energies in an environment and defining how to use these energies for good health and well-being. Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”, wind representing the invisible forces of heaven, water representing the flow of energy on earth. Man standing upright connects heaven and earth and unites the energies of both worlds.

The main principle of Feng Shui is Qi (pronounced “chee”), the life force pervading everything. The same way Chinese Medicine describes the flow of Qi along the meridians within the body, Fenh Shui depicts the flow of Qi in the outside world; in a landscape, a house or an office.

Through the ages, Feng Shui masters learned how to read these energy patterns and how to increase Qi by orienting buildings in a particular direction. They found ways to design gardens and entrances in a beneficial way and lead the Qi moderately through all the rooms of a house to stimulate specific aspects in an individual’s life.

Imagine a house on the bank of a beautiful lake, overlooking the water. In contrast, picture an apartment in the middle of a city, facing the back of a factory. Most people will be able to feel the difference. But how to change a less obvious, yet uncomfortable situation is what makes Feng Shui so fascinating.

In eastern societies, Feng Shui was used throughout history, predominently by emperors to increase their power and influence. Today companies in Europe and the U.S.A. have discovered this ancient knowledge and take advantage by redesigning their headquarters and offices based on the principles of Feng Shui. British Airways built their new offices for 3000 people under the guidance of a Feng Shui Consultant. Corporations like IBM, Siemens, Donald Trump Inc., the Hyatt Hotel Group, among others, rely on Feng Shui.

There are two main streams of Feng Shui in the United States, at this time. One group covers all the Traditional Schools including the Form School, Compass School, Flying Stars, etc. The Form School describes the flow of Qi in relation to structures and forms in a landscape or a building. The Compass School is based on the influences of various compass directions in conjunction with aspects of time. Flying Stars, Ming Gua and Eight Mansions are all specific systems to calculate the most beneficial influences of space and time.

The second, more popular group of Feng Shui in the U.S.A. is based on a contemporary school called Black Hat Sect (BTB-Feng Shui). The founder, Professor Lin Yun, started this school in California in the eighties and created a simplified version of the traditional systems for easier understanding. Many students of Professor Lin Yun have written books themselves now and practice and teach his techniques.

In Europe, the Traditional Schools of Feng Shui are most prevalent. It is well established through the influence of many international masters who have come and shared their knowledge over the past decade. Feng Shui is so well received in Austria that the government subsidizes the first two hours of a Feng Shui consultation for homeowners. Perhaps this is due to Europe´s own traditions regarding Geomancy and Dowsing. In Germany, researchers have studied the effects of earth energies and “Geopathic Stress zones” on a person’s health for over seventy years.

Geopathology (“geo”- from the earth, “pathology”- the study of illness) is a new field from Germany that researches the characteristics and effects of earth energies on a person’s health.

In 1929 the German aristocrat Gustav Freiherr von Pohl started an experiment in the small town of Vilbisburg. He dowsed the entire town for harmful earth energies caused by underground watercourses and earth fault lines. Each day he was accompanied by a policeman to assure he would not converse with anyone. After a week he had finished his work and the town judge compared his hand-drawn map with a list of all the residences of cancer patients over the last 10 years. He found a 100 % correlation. The experiment was repeated several times over the following years in numerous towns with different variables. The results were always the same – 100 % correlation between cancer patients and Geopathic Stress zones.

In the 1950’s and 60’s many specific earth energy structures such as regular cubic grid systems were researched and described in detail. Today we benefit from a broader knowledge of the parameters and disturbing effects of earth grid systems, underground watercourses, earth fault lines and electromagnetic fields.

In 1995, a 7 year study with over 8200 patients conducted by the Institute of Geopathology and Naturopathy in Kassel, Germany evaluated the effects of Geopathic Stress on people’s health. Any medical treatment, be it traditional or alternative, appeared to be drastically prolonged or even blocked as a result of Geopathic Stress zones. As soon as these structures were avoided or shielded against, the medical treatment promptly resumed and showed positive results.

Stages of physical reactions and typical health issues

A person’s reaction will depend on the intensity of the Geopathic situation, as well as the amount of time spent there. Reactions start with sleeping problems, lack of concentration, a constant state of exhaustion, allergies, migraines, back pain, etc. Under continued stress, a person might experience more serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and chronic skin diseases. Consequently over a long period of time, with the body’s immune system seriously compromised, severe diseases such as cancer can manifest.

Ernst Hartmann, M.D., the person who the “Hartmann Grid”(one of the cubic earth grid systems carrying Geopathic energies) was named after, was quoted in the 1960’s after years of research in this field: “We are still looking for the cancer patient who does NOT have a geopathic situation in his home or at his workplace.”

Indicators of Geopathic stress zones

Watch your pets. Cats usually seek spots on earth lines. In nearly each of my consultations where cats are present we have found their favorite spots precisely on a grid. Make sure your cat’s usual napping place is not on your bed! Dogs, on the other hand, always avoid Geopathic Stress areas. Farm animals such as horses, cows and especially pigs are very sensitive and show signs of exhaustion and a tendency towards illness when kept in Geopathic zones.

Observe your garden. Trees with split trunks or knotted bark (see photo), as well as holes in a hedge row are signs of crossing grid lines. 
Ant hills are always set on lines and earth grid crossings. Ants, termites and moths usually enter a house at a geopathically weak spot. (As nature always has a use for every force, a compost heap works best on a crossing of geopathic lines.)

If you are suspicious and need verification, find a dowser who is familiar with this kind of work. Within the Feng Shui community more and more practitioners integrate dowsing for earth energies in their consultations.

Applied Kinesiology, a method of muscle testing widely practiced in the holistic health field, can also help to identify suspicious spots at home or in a workplace.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

A modern addition to these earth related negative energies are electromagnetic fields, also known as Electro-smog. For many years modern science has denied the harmful side effects of EMR on cells and their growth. However, due to public concern over the rising numbers of cellphone towers and radar antennas the issue of EMR and its potential health risks has received a lot of attention. Self organized consumer groups as the Council for Wireless Technology Impacts in California educate the public about the dangers and consequences of excessive exposure to modern technology. Cellphones, cordless phones, computers, TV’s and many home appliances such as electric stoves, microwaves, etc. also create multiple high and low frequency fields which disturb our cells and the flow of information between cells.

Protection from Geopathic Stress and Electro-smog

With Geopathic Stress, the first rule is always to avoid these areas altogether. Move your bed or desk off the grid line, if possible. If a change of position is not possible, some natural materials can be used with different degrees of shielding effectiveness. In former times straw mattresses, stamped clay floors or layers of fine knit rugs provided natural shielding. New building materials, such as concrete, unfortunately, give very little protection. The German authors Wilhelm Gerstung and Jens Mehlhase, M.D. have spent years investigating and describing these energies and materials to shield them. (see The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook – Gerstung / Mehlhase, M.D.) They have developed tools to protect an apartment or an entire building and designed specific shields for cellphones, computers and TV’s.

In the case of Electro-smog, keeping your distance would be my best advice. Keep any electrical equipment out of the bedroom, especially TV’s, stereos, cordless phones and clockradios. Use your cellphone as little as possible – handfree ear buds are worse! Use a LCD flat screen monitor for your computer and keep the computer tower as far away from yourself as possible. Carefully monitor the amount of time children watch TV, play video games and use cell or cordless phones. Recent studies show that a child’s brain absorbs nearly twice as much radiation as an adult!

As technology is an integral part of our life today and can hardly be avoided, serious consideration about protecting yourself and your family is highly recommended.

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