Our Institute offers the following services:

Geopathic stress consultations for homes and businesses

The first step always is to analyse the existing situation, then measures can be taken. We use dowsing instruments to assess a space and can combine the findings and recommendations with chinese energy work on the basics of Feng Shui. We work on an hourly rate base. Please call for details if you are interested.

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Quantum Biofeedback assessment for personal analysis

Quantum Biofeedback can be used to get detailed information about the energetic components behind a health challenge, and to determine which way to go. Low energy, allergies, and many long term health issues often have subtle causes behind the physical symptoms. To find out where they come from and how to counteract them we apply this new technology. Quantum Biofeedback also works very successfully over distance in a mode called subspace. Nearly 10 years of practical experience give us the confidence to know how important it is to address the right level, not just to “fix” a physical symptom. 

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Product development on BioResonance and ZeroPoint Energy

If moving around is not possible we offer devices to change the energy structure of a building, neutralize noxious earth situations and protect on a personal level from EMFs and other energy drains.

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Lectures & Workshops

We offer lectures and classes on the topics of Geopathic Stress, EMF-protection, Dowsing and the importance of nutritional changes for people’s health. 
Lectures are usually set between 1 and 1 ½ hours, workshops can be arranged for time frames such as half days (3 hours), full day with lunch break (six hours), or for a full weekend.

If you are a health practitioner or are part of a group which is interested in our material, we’re happy to discuss options and possibilities to present at your place.

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