Do you use a cellphone or spend much time in front of your computer? Do you notice any difference in your energy after a while? 
It is practically impossible to imagine today’s world without technical equipment. Still, many experience a significant drain in their Qi level, some relate chronic health issues to the constant exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMFs).

The World Health Organisation recommends regulating the use of cellphones for children to a maximum of two minutes per day. This is because a child’s scull is smaller than that of a grown up and still growing. However, one can imagine from this comment that it is not really healthy for anybody to spend much time on a cellphone at all.

The General Hospital (AKH) in Vienna, Austria accommodates 4000 employees and is one of the best equipped and technically advanced hospitals in the world. I consulted there for ten years, acquiring and installing the latest high tech equipment. Despite this fantastic environment for research and treatment the staff is much more sick than that of other hospitals. As a result medical personnel of the AKH is given two additional full weeks of vaccation per year to compensate for the extremely exhausting working conditions. Part of the reasons is the concentration of EMFs of computers, high tech machinery and thousands of miles of cables in walls and floors. 

Electro-smog is the technical term used to describe the energetic pollution caused by electro-magnetic fields and frequencies. We are surrounded by a multitude of sources of electro-smog such as high voltage power lines, power transformers, 60 Hz power lines in the walls of a house, as well as all higher frequencies generating devices from radios to TVs, cordless phones, cellphones and microwave ovens. All these devices generate EMFs which disturb the natural equilibrium of cells. They contribute to an overly acidic biological terrain and, in my opinion, are a significant factor in chronic health issues

The placement of cellphone towers in Europe and especially the UK, is highly regulated. Schools, kindergartens and hospitals are in designated EMF-free zones. Here in the U.S. cellphone towers are often set up next to schools on city property. 

Did you know that some cordless phones work at practically the same frequencies as a microwave oven? In the 1970’s there were experiments where mice were fed microwaved water. Within two weeks of the experiment, all these mice were dead. What does this tell us?

I recently ran accross an article which described the latest concern of automobile makers. It seems that increasing problems with electrical systems in cars cost more and more money. EMFs, the use of dozens of microprocessors and the disturbances they create are getting out of control and need to be reconsidered. The suggested solution was a step by step reduction of electronic features in future models.

What does electro-smog do to a person’s Qi?

Remember, we need good Qi for a healthy energy balance. We need to avoid energy related drains. Whenever we are exposed to detrimental energies our Qi is pulled down, we feel tired, exhausted and low in energy. After a while our whole body and especially our immune system is weakened.

Similar to geopathic stress (stress caused by harmful earth bound energies) electro-smog can cause a variety of symptoms, such as lack of concentration, sleeping problems, mood swings, depression and Chronic Fatigue, ADD, as well as hyperactive behavior and hypersensitivity to any electrical appliances.

On a subtle level electro-smog effects everybody, if one uses technical equipment or not. Some people think they are not effected if they don’t use a cellphone themselves or if they deny themselves the convenience of wireless internet or any computer at all. Let me burst this bubble. There is no escape any more!

We did not install wireless internet service in our own house in order to keep EMF exposure low. Some friends who were visiting asked if they could hook up their laptop to our DSL line. Before they could plug in, their wireless card already had found access. The fields from our neighbors were transmitting through our seemingly neutral home. As I said: There is no escape! Many public places, coffe shops and hotels now advertise with wireless capabilities. Micro antennas for cellphones are hidden on roofs or in church towers, and as mentioned above, often by schools. Electrically sensitive people struggle with this and then often are considered “unreasonable”.

Big cities transmit EMF’s constantly and intensely. Subway trains draw a substantial amount of energy each time they accelerate and slow down. The air conditioning systems of just one apartment building requires huge amounts of electricity and generates constant waves of electro-magnetic disturbance. I sometimes wonder how people survive these challenges.

EMF exposure table

What can we do?

There is no way to skip modern civilization. I personally do not believe that running away to rural solitude is a long term solution. It might help for a while but the less affected areas far out in the countryside are catching up as we speak. It seems just a question of time until the whole planet will be cellphone accessible, consequently victim to similar effects.

The way to approach this issue therefore is first to learn about it as much as possible. Knowledge is power. Only a growing awareness can create a difference. Instead of running away one needs to find ways of protection and neutralisation. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep any source of EMF’s as far away as possible. The intensity of electric fields diminuishes with the square of the distance. (double distance means only a quarter of the intensity left). Use on the ear sitting headphones for the cellphone. Be aware that earplugs are worse as they sit inside the ear channel and therefore in closer vicinity to the brain!
  2. Exchange your computer monitor for an LCD screen.
  3. Replace fluorescent lights with standard light bulbs.
  4. Avoid all technical devices in the bedroom. Absolutely no TV or computer in the bedroom! Even if they are unplugged before sleeping, they continue discharging from the high voltage of the electron tube. Do not keep a clock radio next to your head on your nightstand. Use only battery powered or wind-up clocks at such a close proximity to your head.
  5. Sensitive people feel especially disturbed by the fields of power outlets next to their bed. If possible, when planning a new home, keep the walls around the head of the bed free of those outlets. In Europe a new kind of automatic fuse switch has been developed called “demand switch”. It sits in your fuse box and shuts off all electricity within a whole circuit until a user such as e.g. a lamp is switched on. In this case the switch opens the circuit for electricity.
  6. Try to stay away from high voltage power lines and big transformers, which sometimes are mounted on posts next to a house. Fields from those high voltage installations are difficult to control and on rare occasions requires the need for relocation.
  7. Finally and most importantly, protect yourself and your family. If it is impossible to change your environment, you can shield and protect yourselves with a growing number of tools and shields now being developed. Some do better than others. I invite everybody to do his own research to find the device he/she is most comfortable with.

We constantly test new devices at our Institute as soon as they are available. Some help to balance the body energies, but few are as effective as we’d like them to be.We personally had excellent results with a series of German products called E-Smog Server and Personal Server. They not only neutralize the effects of EMF’s on the energetic body, but also last a long time without losing their strength. More information can be found at www.InstituteofFengShui.com .

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Find more information and products at www.Geopathic-Stress-Solutions.com