Health is an energetic bank account

  • From a holistic perspective, good health can be seen as the positive balance of an energetic bank account.
  • Chi, life force energy, is the currency used for our overall well-being.
  • Overdrawing the account causes physical symptoms, chronic illness and cancer.


As long as there is enough Chi (life force energy) in the account, one is healthy. Once the available net amount gets low, aches and pains appear. Taking medications against high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. is like borrowing additional energy/money. It allows one to keep going without changing anything substantive in our life style. Finally, there will come a time when the bank will not lend us anymore. We have reached the end of the row, bankruptcy is inevitable. In health terms this means our entire physical system is crucially weakened. We may get a diagnosis of cancer or be struck with a terminal illness.

Detailed description

Everybody is born with a specific amount of inherited vitality (Jing). In homeopathy this is called a “constitution”.Some have a strong constitution and can spend lots of their inherited energy on unhealthy choices, others have to be cautious from the very beginning. The latter are sick easily or catch a cold by just sticking their nose out a window.

Good habits such as eating well, sleeping enough, enjoying stress free relationships, practicing yoga are deposits into this Health Account. Negative patterns such as too much junk food, excessive alcohol, being exposed to a lot of stress are withdrawals.

Environmental stress from earth grids and earth fault lines (geopathic) and electromagnetic stress from phones, computers and other electronics (EMFs) are typically constant subtle withdrawals. European research has been conducted in this field since the 1930’s. The results show detrimental health consequences, yet the research is still widely unknown in the US.

As long as there are sufficient funds in the account, we enjoy good health

Once the balance turns negative, aches and pains show up. We start to need medical help. Taking medications for pain, high blood pressure or diabetes gives us the illusion of improved health and buys time in a similar way credit cards might assist us through tough financial times. They allow us to keep our life style a little longer without having to face the need for more substantial change.

At the end, if we are spending more than we are depositing, a disaster is inevitable. NO MORE CREDIT = “Health Bankruptcy”. A devastating prognosis emerges: cancer, CFS, Lyme disease, arthritis or one of many other chronic illnesses.

Although cancer originates from the co-appearance of multiple factors at the same time, the biggest contributor is the energetic drain of a person’s life force caused by earth patterns (geopathic stress) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). (see other articles on website for more information).

German research has shown this for decades. First signs for a significant correlation between cancer and geopathic earth patterns were documented in a study from 1929 by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl in Vilsbiburg, Bavaria, Germany. Many more studies have been conducted since. Today holistic cancer doctors in Austria, Germany and Switzerland (e.g. Prof. Klinghardt, Germany and US, or Dr. Rau – Paracelsus Klinik, Switzerland) always include a geopathic assessment of a patient’s home in their patient evaluation.

Geopathic stress is the main reason why cancer often returns after just a year or two. If the original cause for the underlaying energetic drain in the home is not addressed, the same situation will exhaust the body again until the illness re-appears.

Geopathic stress is the “crack“ in the piggy bank analogy. The energy in our health account seeps out over night without notice. In the morning we wonder why we are so tired despite having spent seven or eight hours in bed. The positive health deposits from life style are offset by the major withdrawal from geopathic stress.


Sufficient and deep sleep are essential for long term health.

The body’s self-healing mechanism kicks in at night specifically in the deep sleep REM phases. Melatonin, the body’s strongest self-produced anti-oxidant (40 times the strength of vitamin C!) is only created in periods of deep sleep. If we miss out on sleep the body never gets a chance to refill its reservoir properly. Over time our Health account runs out of refills!

Geopathic stress is a main cause for sleeping problems! Very few doctors know about that. Research done by the UC Berkeley’s Center for Human Sleep Science shows that sleep medications, even smoking weed, only numbs us, but DOES NOT lead into these deep sleep phases needed for true recovery and self-healing!

Typical sleep issues from geopathic stress exposure are:

  • Ongoing difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking up , specifically around 3am (because geopathic energy patterns have their maximum strength between 2 and 3 am)
  • Repeating nightmares without a reason
  • Children falling out of bed or rolling into a corner of the bed in a natural reflex to avoid a geopathic area on the bed.
  • Feeling notably exhausted or not being able to get out of bed in the morning.

In the case of cancer, it is ESSENTIAL to identify and fix the “cracks” in the health account FIRST. Only after  geopathic stress and EMFs are eliminated as contributing factors is it possible to successfully refill your life force levels to guarantee a lasting positive energy balance and REAL HEALTH.

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