EMF Harmonizer

EMF Harmonizer

Balances EMF related stress. For all electronic devices such as cellphones, cordless phones, wireless routers, I-pods, radio clocks, stereo boom boxes, TV’s, baby monitors, computers, office equipment, household appliances, refrigerators, juicers, hair dryers, also for SMART-meters!

We recently have added energetic protection against negativity from the internet seeping into our awareness at night. This includes cellphones and even Smart TVs on standby with constant connection to the internet. During sleep our body opens up its natural defense system and allows negative information fields to drain our energy and to add additional stress and worries.  

As general advice for best sleep and overall wellness we always recommend to remove electronics from bedrooms at night and to keep them at a maximum distance during the day. Apply common sense to reduce EMFs: use speaker phone, don’t carry a phone in your pocket or in the bra for longer periods of time, keep electronics away from water bottles and food. (Your phone is a miniature microwave!)

Superflat technology allows hiding the E-Smog Harmonizer inside a battery compartment. Material is 24 carat gold. Backside can be peeled off to stick onto any device.

SPECIAL TIP: The E-Smog Harmonizer does not lose its strength over time.  In order to re-use it on your next phone we recommend to not stick it on, but to open the battery cover and just lay it in there. Without access to a battery you also can slide it, face outwards, between a phone and a case.

Testimonials EMF Harmonizer

“Before I connected with Werner, I was aware of the dangerous EM radiation from cellphones but didn’t know what to do. It is nearly impossible to avoid or escape these frequencies in our modern world.I can see the energetic matrix the E-Smog Harmonizer creates around the cellphones and how it acts as a repellent towards my body. Imagine an energetic bubble around your cellphone. The E-Smog contains the negative vibe within and then dissipates it. It makes a HUGE difference. I use one E-Smog Harmonizer inside my phone case and keep another one on top of the WiFi router to create the energetic bubble right from the base!”

Anyaa Lightheart, akashic channel and founder of DNA-Crystallization, MI – www.AnyaaLightheart.com 

“The first item I purchased from you was an E-Smog Harmonizer for my cell phone. When it came in the mail, I took the back off my cell phone and laid it onto the battery, then closed the case. Immediately the phone felt cleaner! Yes, cleaner! It was like someone had just scrubbed the entire phone inside and out. I have used EMF protectors before but I had never noticed a difference in the energy yet hoped that something was improving. Another thing that I have noticed is that my right leg doesn’t ache. You see, sometimes I lay the phone beside my right leg when I drive or put it in my pocket on my right side. I had wondered if there might a connection to my leg discomfort and the cell phone EMF energy and now I know there was because the ache has vanished.”

Sharilyn Stalling, Master of Intuitive Emotional Body Healing, Eureka Springs, AR

After Christmas we put E-Smog Harmonizers on all our phones in the house, on the wireless router and on my husband’s computer. We had gotten 2 multi packs and even had one on the hairdryer. My migraines  are definitely better, both in occurance and intensity if they still show. I know I have to also change my diet for that. Greetings,

Susan P., Conway, NH

Thank you, Werner, for the E-Smog Harmonizers. They really helped tone down the strong field from my cell phone, so it doesn’t bother me anymore. I even measured how much the field was reduced with each sticker by using a K2 meter and a yardstick. I was surprised to find out that they really worked and I am very glad that they did! I will buy more of them later on for sure. Thank you very much!

Michael Funk, Lewisville TX

Disclaimer: Our products are energetic tools to support body and mind. They are not intended to be a substitute for medical attention in any way. If you have a medical condition or question please contact your health care provider promptly.