Ants, Insects and Geopathic Stress

What do ants have to do with Geopathic Stress? A valid question.

When we hear about strong earth energy, we mainly think of positive energies, such as beautiful mountains, valleys with waterfalls, naturally occurring patterns in a landscape, vortexes, and ley lines connecting those power spots. Ancient cathedrals and temples were always built on sites of special uplifting energy, over centuries adding new structures on top of the old ones. Most every Hindu temple is built over a “swayambu” an earthly manifestation of a spiritual force.

However, there is another side of energies in nature which supports degrading and decay. Although this might appear to be of “negative” quality, there is nothing like “positive” and “negative” in nature. Everything has its purpose. “Rotting” plays a critical role in the life cycle of all beings. Dust becomes dust again, as we are already taught in the bible.

Clean-ups in nature are organized on different levels. Wild animals, foxes, vultures do the rough part, insects, worms, beatles and ants take care of another layer, bacteria and microbes do the final work.

It turns out that ants love degrading earth stress patterns. Why? Because they make their work easier. Ants take things apart, clean up and find help in specific energetic structures which we call Geopathic Stress.

Large ant hill on a earth fault line – the tree next to it shows signs of misgrowth

Geopathic stress (Webster’s: “geo” – of the earth, “pathology” – all the conditions, processes or results of a particular disease.) is a negatively associated term for stress related issues caused by earth energies. Not everything which is created by mother earth is healthy for us humans.

Geopathic stress describes zones, areas and grids where rotting (and aging) takes place faster than anywhere else. Not a good spot to spend a lot of time on, but essential for universal life cycles.

When we deal with infestation of ants in a house we always find a major Geopathic energy grid running towards the house. An old German folk tradition descibes a custom, that people in old times knew about this correlation and used it to their advantage. When planning a house they first staked the outline of the house, then looked for an anthill nearby and carefully brought part of the anthill over to the planned location of the bedroom and the bed. If the ants would stay and start a new nest, this was considered a bad spot, if they would move away to look for a better spot, this was a good sign.

At the ASD Convention (American Society of Dowsers – the annual week-long dowsers convention in Vermont) two years ago I met a lovely elderly couple from Pennsylvania. After a talk I gave there, they came forward and explained their problem with carpenter ants they’ve had since they moved into their present home. Nothing had worked so far. Both dowsers, they brought back new remedies and treatments each year from dowser gatherings, but nothing had been really successful until then.

When they installed one of our devices which shield against Geopathic Stress (Home Harmonizer) the impossible happened: Within a week the ants had declined and after another week they were all gone. What had happened?

Unlike many tricks to put sweet bait outside the house, to use oils and herbs or even “talk” to the ant queen and offer them another source of food far away from the house, the neutralization of the main energy that ants strive on was what drove them to look outside the house for the energetic environment they were familiar with.

In order to permanently get rid of ants we need to follow a two way approach:
1. Neutralize incoming geopathic earth patterns in the house.
2. Catch the situation early in the season before young ants start to explore their space and establish new paths to food sources. Once this time window has passed it takes longer and might need several trials and even physical termination again to interrupt the memory.

However, extermination alone, without neutralizing the energy pathways, offers only temporary relief. It is essential that the geopathic problem is taken care of at the same time, otherwise new colonies of ants will find their way back into the house along the grids lines and soon bother us again.

Geopathic Stress not only has an effect on ants:

  • Bees give up to 40 % more honey if their hives are located above underground water veins. Many bee-keepers know how to dowse for water and take advantage of that old knowledge.
  • Wasps build their nests preferably where Geopathic lines cross. If wasps start nesting in a house wall, that is not a good sign.
  • Even ladybugs thrive with that type of energy. I did a consultation for a couple a while ago and the woman installed one of our house shields to neutralize three different geopathic grids in her house. For whatever reason she “forgot” to inform her husband about any details because he might not have been too open-minded about her approach. One morning soon after while shaving in the bathroom, he noticed that their most recent swarm of ladybugs which gather in their bathroom each year in winter, was gone!

Regular readers of this column might remember some additional well known signs of geopathic stress detectors among mammals:
Cats are attracted by geopathic stress, dogs try to avoid it. Whatever favorite spots they choose in the house give us hints about existing earth energy drains. Sometimes both love a bed, but a closer look with a dowsing instrument reveals: The cat lies on the grid, the dog not.

Many farm animals such as horses or pigs are very energy sensitive, too, and get sick if they are locked in an unhealthy box and there is no way to escape a situation in a stable.

Please remember: Areas with Geopathic Stress exposure are common and part of nature, but they drain our chi, they enhance aging and rotting, and therefore are not healthy to be on.

Learn as much as you can about them, begin reading the signs, watch misgrowth in trees, follow the ants, listen to your pets. In case you want to do more, take dowsing classes, join one of the many dowsing groups all over the country and come to one of their big convention. You’ll find information about this event together with books and dowsing tools on the website of the American Society of Dowsers at .

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