Geopathology and Cancer

I first learned about Feng Shui when studying the principles of Chinese Medicine; the balance between Yin and Yang and the flow of the five elemental energies through the cycle of the WuXing. These same principles build the foundation of Feng Shui, as well. It was during my early studies of Feng Shui in Europe, that I first learned of Geopathology (the study of harmful earth energies).

So here we have the topic of health, and among the biggest challenges in health, cancer. We were hit ourselves not so long ago twice within our close family. The latest statistics show that one in two men and one in three women will be challenged with cancer in their lifetime. It is important to understand that cancer or any serious degenerative disease is caused by multiple factors, and multiple factors need to be addressed to bring a person back to good health. My goal therefore is to draw attention to how Feng Shui and the knowledge of Geopathic Stress can support all the other great work in battling this disease and how to optimize the results.

At the beginning of last century, doctors in Europe noticed that families showed repeated patterns of illness over generations. A mother died of cancer, 10 years later her daughter had the same deadly disease. A husband died, the wife remarried and 8 years later the second husband suffered the same illness as the first. As dowsing was popular in these times, a group of health-oriented dowsers became suspicious about the possibility of the influence of noxious earth energies in the homes, especially in the sleeping areas.

As the culture of Europe had become industrialized, many traditions had been lost. One small, but valuable tradition had to do with locating a good spot to put the bedroom when building a home. An ant hill would be placed on a prospective bedroom area. If the ants left, the bedroom would go there, but if the ants stayed another place would be sought. The reason being, that ants seek out and thrive on geopathic stress areas, but humans become ill.

In 1929 the German aristocrat Gustav Freiherr von Pohl conducted the following experiment in the small town of Vilbisburg. He dowsed the entire town for harmful earth bound energies caused by underground watercourses and earth stress lines. Each day he was accompanied by a policeman to assure he would not converse with anyone. After a week he had finished his work and the town judge compared his hand-drawn map with a list of all the residences of cancer patients over the last 10 years. There were 42 cases and a 100 % correlation.. The experiment was repeated over the following years in several towns with different variables. The results were always the same – 100 % correlation between cancer patients and Geopathic Stress.

Tree with cancer due to geopathic stress
Tree with cancer due to Geopathic Stress

Many doctors became involved and excited about the new findings which were presented at conventional medical conferences at that time. Dr. Hager, a leading phycisian in this field, wrote in 1931: The problem for cancer is solved. As soon as people understand how to avoid these noxious earth energies cancer will be extinct.

Unfortunately the next two decades were historically devastating to Europe and it took until the mid-1950’s until research was taken up again. Additionally, the traditional allopathic approach had become extremely competitve as well as a financial giant.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s many specific earth energy structures such as regular cubic grid systems were researched and described in detail. Today we benefit from a broader knowledge of the parameters and disturbing effects of earth grid systems, underground watercourses, earth fault lines and electromagnetic fields.

A private study in the mid 1990’s conducted over 7 years in Kassel, Germany with 8200 patients showed that any medical treatment, be it traditional or alternative, appeared to be drastically prolonged or even blocked as a result of Geopathic Stress. As soon as these Geopathic structures were avoided or shielded against, patients response to medical treatment promptly resumed and showed positive, long-term improvement.

I do want to be absolutely clear on one point, that Geopathic Stress does not cause cancer by itself but contributes to a substancial energetic drain on a person’s Qi (the life force). Other factors often have to do with nutrition, hydration, toxic exposure and excessive emotional stress that overwhelm the body’s ability to balance and eventually lead to a collapse of the immune system.

I received a call for a consultation a few weeks ago: a couple who had both been struck by cancer several times. Shortly after they had moved into their house 12 years ago they both developed sleeping disorders, allergies and later chronic illness. There was also a toxic exposure when their home was sprayed with an insecticide which has since been banned. After trying to suppress the signs and symptoms over years with medication, they eventually both got cancer. The husband has had cancer return twice, each time in different areas and was told last time he should expect another reaccurance. He was told he would just have to deal with it and battle it time after time, that there was nothing he could do.

The wife’s symptoms were the reason for my visit this time. She was battling with ovarian cancer and her condition was not improving. Searching desperately for more information to break this deadly cycle, she had learned about my work in a lecture where I spoke on the health risks of environmental stress.

During the consultation, it turned out that the couple’s entire bedroom was massively effected by a wide band of water deep underneath their house. Discussing my findings, her husband told me about his experience of strong water veins coming down the hill, passing under the house and running towards a creek. Several times a year the water rises and then leads to floodings in the area.
Picture: The couple had moved beds from one side of the bedroom to the other trying to improve the Feng Shui and the flow of Qi. Unfortunately Geopathic Stress from an underground stream was a major drain on both bed positions.

They installed a Feng Shui Power Disc, an energetic shield to neutralize Geopathic stress within the whole house. Because of their extreme situation, we agreed to move their bed to another part of the house, as well. Several weeks later it seems that we were able to not only inhibit, but reverse the disease process with a decrease in symptoms. Of course this happened together with an extraordinary amount of conviction and dedication to diet, hydration, therapy and prayer. However, for the first time the treatments brought the results they were supposed to. The last time I saw her, her eyes were shining, her face was clear and she reported feeling much better.

What I find again and again in my consultations with those diagnosed with cancer

  • There is practically always a major Geopathic stress situation. This environmental stress is a permanent drain on the persons Qi/energy resource and although rarely a cause by itself, it contributes as an important factor.
  • Geopathic stress as with any physical or emotional stress is acidic to the body. Our blood on the contrary is slightly alkaline at 7.3. Cancer thrives in an acidic, anerobic body. Most cancer patients’ overall pH measures at around 5.
  • To avoid any further weakening of a patient, it is essential to address the Geopathic situation as early as possible.
  • If the earth energy situation is not taken care of, treatments are much less effective. In the long term a patient is not getting better.

In addition to the treatments recommended by your doctor, I would suggest the following

  • Change your sleeping situation. (Take clues from your plants and animals. Cats usually seek Geopathic stress lines and dogs avoid them. Most plants do not do well on Geopathic lines.)
  • Contract a dowser who has experience with Geopathic stess zones/grid systems to dowse your home.
  • Shield your home/sleeping area if you cannot move your sleeping place.
  • Hydrate and detoxify your body with several liters of energized water every day.
  • Change your diet to a balanced one, i.e., lots of greens, no sugar, no meat (fish is o.k.), no soda, no coffee, no alcohol.
  • Take essential fats an unsaturated oils, such as cod liver oil, flaxseed oil and avocados.
  • Make sure you’re having at least two bowl movements per day. A Mexican study revealed that 99% of over 7000 patients with cancer also had a history of constipation. Do colonics.
  • Exercise (use a rebounder to stimulate the lymph system)
  • Have lymphatic massages.
  • Get lots of fresh air and sunshine.
  • Educate yourself about your illness.
  • Pray, meditate and think positive.

Reading over the above points, one can understand how important these considerations are, not only for a private residence, but also for a hospital where healing has to take place on a much larger scale. I look forward to contributing my expertise on this level in the future.

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