10 Things you can do to Minimize your Exposure to EMF’s

    Keep your cell phone (but also any cordless phone) away from your body; use the speakerphone as much as possible; use texting as much as possible. Electro-magnetic radiation propagates with the law of square of the distance (if the distance to a EMF source is doubled, the intensity reduces to ¼). An earplug is better than nothing, although if you carry the phone on your body or the cable, which acts as an antenna, is against your body, the phone still affects you. A blue tooth has considerably lower power, but reaches closer into your ear/brain and is switched on all the time, so it does not really improve the situation. Use an Electro-Smog Harmonizer on your phone.

    Any phone at home should be a corded phone. DECT standards are the worst as they send out high energy pulse packages constantly, day and night, regardless of usage or not.

    Don’t use your laptop directly on your lap. Put a pillow (careful with ventillation!) or a board on your lap, better keep it on a table with some distance from your body. An EMF balancing Pendant and/or a Electro-Smog Harmonizer is helpful.

    Use a cable modem if possible. If you have a wireless modem, choose one which easily can be shut off at night with just a simple button. 

    Take the TV out of the bedroom, since it continues to emit frequencies for many hours after you turn it off. Stay as far away from it as possible whenever you watch it, wherever it is. Keep any music players and electronic games away from your children’s bed, especially from their night table. Use a battery driven alarm clock.

  6. BED
    Avoid metal bed frames, metal head boards and wire spring mattresses, as they reflect and hold electro-magnetic as well as Geopathic charges.

    Don’t use CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs if possible. They increase EMF pollution on the power signal significantly. Use old light bulbs as long as possible. Choose LED lights as soon as available in proper quality. (They are coming soon!)

    Minimize your time driving in your car. We are sorry to say that hybrids are much worse. Wear an EMF balancing Pendant when you drive.

    DO NOT use a microwave for cooking. It is bad for you and bad for the food; it changes the molecular structure of the food and emits harmful radiation when used. Limit the use of the blender and mixer: both have very high levels of EMFs.

  10. WATER
    Water machines, such as ionizers or destillers pollute the water with EMFs of their electronic components. In many cases community water towers carry batteries of cellphone antennas which significantly affect the energy of the water. Use protective devices such as a Water Harmonizer on those watermachines or apply the new BioResonance laser technology to clear the water from old charges and restructure it with healthy blueprint information.

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